Winner of a 4 Month Rental

winnerCongratulations to Diana who won a 4 month BikeWatts Computrainer Rental from the Toronto Triathlon Club.

Her reasons for wanting a Computrainer are ones we hear a lot, but her winning letter says it so well!

Below is her letter. Happy training, Diana!

I’ve always had a love of running and swimming, but these were mostly recreational.  The extent of my cycling was in my neighbourhood as an alternate mode of transportation during the summer months.

My tri journey started last year when I decided to do the Orillia Subaru Try-A-Tri on a whim.  I signed up a month before the race, and did whatever training I could at my local track, on my mountain bike, and in the community outdoor pool.

On race day I felt as ready as I would ever be.  I came out of the water 3 in my wave (it was exhilarating), only to lose any time I had gained on the bike course.  I was using my trusty (heavy as a cow) hybrid bike, and could only concentrate on two things; the sound of people passing me: ‘on your left’, and the burn in my quads.  I managed to make up some ground on the run and finished 28th in my wave out of 120.  From the moment on, I was hooked.  I knew I would need a road bike if I was going to have any chance of competing in a longer distance than a Try.

In November I purchased a road bike, but haven’t yet used it, because I don’t own a trainer, and feel intimidated walking into a Watts Up training session as a complete newbie not even knowing how to properly use my bike.  This however is my goal. I refuse to let the cycle be my demise, and I want to start the outdoor riding season (when will the threat of frostbite ever subside in this city) with some training sessions under my belt.

This year my intention is to sign up for at least 4 triathlons ranging in distance from a try (1st of the season), to an Olympic distance.  I’m certain that I could complete an Olympic distance right now if not for the bike, so receiving this generous gift would surley help me on my way.

Thanks Toronto Tri club for providing the opportunity to train with like minded people!

Diana Gonzalez

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