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Partner Introduction: WattsUp Cycling.

The WattsUp HomeCycling program is available online for the remote user. Not everyone wants to or is able to attend WattsUp studio for theirworkouts. Their online program is called WattsUp HomeCycling, and is an affordable, personalized, very effective training option for the at-home rider. HomeCycling is $50 per month. One caveat is that the rider requires a power-measuring device, be it an on-the-bike power meter or better yet a stationary bike trainer that measures power.

BikeWatts has partnered with WattsUp Cycling to enable HomeCycling athletes to rent CompuTrainers for home use. CompuTrainers are the trainers that are used on-site at WattsUp studio, and are the most robust, reliable power-based trainers on the market. Retailing at $1800 USD makes purchase of a CompuTrainer challenging for most.

BikeWatts and WattsUp Cycling are offering a special deal for the HomeCycling program + CompuTrainer rental for $120 monthly. This package gets you:

-the industry-leading indoor power-based trainer at your home (CompuTrainer)
-five personalized training workouts per week (each with multiple workout duration options)
-for $120 per month, less than the most basic package at most indoor cycling facilities in the GTA

Interested? Email Limited number of CompuTrainers available. First come, first served.

For more detail see In-Home Cycling Training Package.

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